Forming a Casual Carpool

Becoming a part of a carpool is a wise idea for a variety of reasons. It not only benefits economically, in the form of money saved because you are spending less on gas, but it also helps the environment, and it can assist in the cut down of traffic congestion, resulting in a need for fewer parking spaces as well.Image result for Carpool

Joining a carpool, or forming your own, can be as simple as making a phone call to a friend. If you are organizing a casual carpool yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here, we have listed some key points below:

Figure out your route and the specifics of your schedule. Once you have at least one other member of the carpool, establish the morning pickup points and times for everyone involved, and try to make things as convenient for all parties as possible. Employ common sense. It is a poor idea to try carpooling with a person who lives or works a long distance from your route, as that would in essence defeat the purpose of carpooling in the first place.

Plan a schedule that evenly divides the driving responsibilities. If a member of the carpool happens to not have a car, figure out a way for that person to contribute to the carpool that seems fair to all involved. Perhaps that person paying for a bit more of the gas than the other members would be fair, for example.

Establish a fair reimbursement method for all carpool expenses. Keep track of all gas, and the number of miles put on a particular car in any given trip. Make sure everyone involved is in agreement about the reimbursement method so that no toes are stepped on. For instance you cant expect your fellow car poolers to pay for a new windscreen.

Determine how long a driver will wait at a designated stop. Be sure to be punctual, but in the event that someone is late, make sure that everyone is informed as to how long they will be waited on so that no one ends up being late for work as a result of someone else’s tardiness.

You can find out further information and develop a carpool by logging onto My CasualCarpool

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The Multiple Benefits of Carpooling to Work

It is no secret that carpooling is a smart idea, but many people may not realize how many benefits there are to carpooling. With the increasing price of gas, the first thought that comes to mind is the savings at the fuel pump.Image result for Carpooling to Work While this is a very attractive reason to consider carpooling, there are others you should think about. The following are the top five reasons you should start carpooling to work:

  1. Reduce your stress level. Particularly for those who have a long commute or must travel often, the daily drive can be a very stressful experience. When you carpool, the daily drive becomes more of an every-so-often drive, which can make life a little easier. You can sit back, enjoy a morning cup of coffee, and read or sleep while someone else drives. This can make each day start off a little bit better, which will reduce your stress.
  2. Drive in the carpool lane. As more states realize the benefits of carpooling, they are more likely to add a carpool lane on heavily traveled roads like interstates and highways. The carpool lane is only available to people who have a certain number of passengers in the car. The carpool lane is a major benefit because there are usually fewer drivers, fewer road blocks, and sometimes even higher speed limits. These benefits mean that you get to work faster and with fewer hassles, which is another great stress reducer!
  3. Make the world a little greener. The toll of emissions on the environment is an increasing concern. Even with measures such as emissions testing, cars put out staggering amounts of toxic waste every day. By carpooling, you reduce the amount of emissions your car releases into the environment, which has a lasting effect on your health. Making the world a cleaner place to live is another one of the multiple benefits of carpooling to work.
  4. Use less gas. One of the factors that contribute to rising gas prices is the demand for gas. If fewer people buy gas, gas prices will drop. The more people you carpool with, the less gas you use total. Not only do you save money, you help fuel manufacturers’ lower prices to make driving more affordable for everyone.
  5. And of course, save money! When you and several others use one car, you are spending the same amount of gas to transport four people as you would normally use for one. This means that if each person drives one fourth of the time, you will save 75% on your gas bill!

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Saving money by carpooling is one of the best reasons to find a friend to ride to work with. Remember though, there are other ways to save money at the pump. Changing your driving habits to be more efficient, driving more slowly, keeping your tires properly aired, installing a gas saving device, and getting your engine tuned up are all ways to cut your fuel bill. If you would like to find a ride share near you then check out for all your car pooling needs in South Africa.

Saving money and protecting the environment by reducing your gas consumption is not just a good idea, it’s the right thing to do.

If you are like so many others and tired of these high gas prices. Then it is time to start Saving Money On Gas today. If you have been thinking about purchasing a Hybrid car to save money on fuel. You may want to pick up our Hybrid Cars Guide before choosing a hybrid car you are not going to love to its fullest.

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India’s Carpool System

A carpool is when two or more people commuting share a ride in one of their personal vehicles. These carpools are really very flexible. Use the carpool only as and when required. This enables you to get free time to plan out other things on days when you are not in the carpool.Image result for India's Carpool System

A carpool system example would be if you are using a two-wheeler for a couple of kilometres every day and somebody near you is also working in either the same company or the same building or even on the same route, you share the ride. In other words, instead of using two separate vehicles, you can both use one by giving a lift to the other person and then the driving duty can be interchanged. This helps to save money, fuel and reduce pollution.

Most of the car-poolers can take turns to drive and share the expenses. Any one of them may drive all or almost all the time and in such circumstances, passengers share the car maintenance and fuel charges.

You really have work out the whole plan of who will drive and for how long. Work out the alternates of driving on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis if all of you want to drive. In case there are two or more people you must have another driver willing to drive in case some problem arises. To ensure every one is clear, make the schedule’s copies and circulate a copy of this with everybody’s contact numbers.

Decide the meeting place and whether it would be better to meet at one central location or have a door-to-door pick up arrangement. Work out the timings of the morning and evening pick up and then work on planning the route.

There are many ways to get to carpool partners or the car sharing in India. There are many websites you can visit and find a great number of interested people in the Carpool of India or depending where you live in the Carpools in Mumbai or the Carpools in Delhi. Once you register your name and location you would receive a contact list with names and contact information of the persons who match your commute or travel pattern and you just need to contact them and work out the rest. You can even stick a sign on your car or on the notice board of your office. In case you do not find a match all you have to do is post another ad on the site. You can even talk to your neighbours regarding the same.Image result for India's Carpool System

Other options available to you in India are Ridesharing in India [], Car rental in India, Indian carpool. Once you have the list given to you, you will find a lot of options and work these out in the way most suited to you. So happy carpooling!

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Finding a Carpool – In a Few Simple Steps

How a commuter can find a carpool

If you don’t know anyone with whom you can carpool, you can search for a carpool through online rideshare companies, commuters can easily find efficient carpools. The more traditional ways to find a carpool — through clubs contacts or other social networks — still exist for those who prefer a more personalized search method.Image result for Finding a Carpool

The process of starting a carpool is as follows:
Registration involves creating a new commuter profile. This profile helps match you with the right carpool partner for your daily commute or single trip. All information is kept strictly confidential and no commitments are made by signing up.

Additional Information- You may include additional information and ask questions of your potential carpool.

Who has the wheel? – For carpooling, you need to figure out who is going to drive and when. The driver should have a good driving record before getting behind the wheel.
Communication and Etiquette- After you get in touch with future carpool partners, take some time discussing what you think is proper carpool rules and etiquette.Image result for Finding a Carpool

Resolving these issues and ensuring a good match are the most important aspects of forming a successful carpool.

Finding the right match
Obviously, the best carpool partners are commuters who live near to each other, have a common destination, and a similar schedule. Search options let you decide how flexible you are in distance, driving times, and other preferences.

Carpooling is the smart way to share your ride and your expenses. Carpooling has many environmental, community and personal benefits. E.g., it reduces the number of cars on the road, reducing congestion. Carpooling lessens the demand for new roads and parking lots.

Our service helps you to connect with carpoolers in your area and takes into account your preferences for sorting and finding the right carpool partner(s). For example a female commuter can set her preferences to indicate that she only wants to share rides with other females who don’t smoke. Of course, adding such restrictions will reduce the number of potential members of your carpool.

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