Forming a Casual Carpool

Becoming a part of a carpool is a wise idea for a variety of reasons. It not only benefits economically, in the form of money saved because you are spending less on gas, but it also helps the environment, and it can assist in the cut down of traffic congestion, resulting in a need for fewer parking spaces as well.Image result for Carpool

Joining a carpool, or forming your own, can be as simple as making a phone call to a friend. If you are organizing a casual carpool yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here, we have listed some key points below:

Figure out your route and the specifics of your schedule. Once you have at least one other member of the carpool, establish the morning pickup points and times for everyone involved, and try to make things as convenient for all parties as possible. Employ common sense. It is a poor idea to try carpooling with a person who lives or works a long distance from your route, as that would in essence defeat the purpose of carpooling in the first place.

Plan a schedule that evenly divides the driving responsibilities. If a member of the carpool happens to not have a car, figure out a way for that person to contribute to the carpool that seems fair to all involved. Perhaps that person paying for a bit more of the gas than the other members would be fair, for example.

Establish a fair reimbursement method for all carpool expenses. Keep track of all gas, and the number of miles put on a particular car in any given trip. Make sure everyone involved is in agreement about the reimbursement method so that no toes are stepped on. For instance you cant expect your fellow car poolers to pay for a new windscreen.

Determine how long a driver will wait at a designated stop. Be sure to be punctual, but in the event that someone is late, make sure that everyone is informed as to how long they will be waited on so that no one ends up being late for work as a result of someone else’s tardiness.

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