India’s Carpool System

A carpool is when two or more people commuting share a ride in one of their personal vehicles. These carpools are really very flexible. Use the carpool only as and when required. This enables you to get free time to plan out other things on days when you are not in the carpool.Image result for India's Carpool System

A carpool system example would be if you are using a two-wheeler for a couple of kilometres every day and somebody near you is also working in either the same company or the same building or even on the same route, you share the ride. In other words, instead of using two separate vehicles, you can both use one by giving a lift to the other person and then the driving duty can be interchanged. This helps to save money, fuel and reduce pollution.

Most of the car-poolers can take turns to drive and share the expenses. Any one of them may drive all or almost all the time and in such circumstances, passengers share the car maintenance and fuel charges.

You really have work out the whole plan of who will drive and for how long. Work out the alternates of driving on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis if all of you want to drive. In case there are two or more people you must have another driver willing to drive in case some problem arises. To ensure every one is clear, make the schedule’s copies and circulate a copy of this with everybody’s contact numbers.

Decide the meeting place and whether it would be better to meet at one central location or have a door-to-door pick up arrangement. Work out the timings of the morning and evening pick up and then work on planning the route.

There are many ways to get to carpool partners or the car sharing in India. There are many websites you can visit and find a great number of interested people in the Carpool of India or depending where you live in the Carpools in Mumbai or the Carpools in Delhi. Once you register your name and location you would receive a contact list with names and contact information of the persons who match your commute or travel pattern and you just need to contact them and work out the rest. You can even stick a sign on your car or on the notice board of your office. In case you do not find a match all you have to do is post another ad on the site. You can even talk to your neighbours regarding the same.Image result for India's Carpool System

Other options available to you in India are Ridesharing in India [], Car rental in India, Indian carpool. Once you have the list given to you, you will find a lot of options and work these out in the way most suited to you. So happy carpooling!

Suraj Gupta is a contributing author to the website – India’s first auto carpool Site. Carpooling is shared use of a car. You can find here information on car sharing in India, ridesharing, ride board, ride share, rent-a-car, carpool in India, Carpool Bangalore [], Carpool Delhi, Carpool Mumbai [].

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