The Multiple Benefits of Carpooling to Work

It is no secret that carpooling is a smart idea, but many people may not realize how many benefits there are to carpooling. With the increasing price of gas, the first thought that comes to mind is the savings at the fuel pump.Image result for Carpooling to Work While this is a very attractive reason to consider carpooling, there are others you should think about. The following are the top five reasons you should start carpooling to work:

  1. Reduce your stress level. Particularly for those who have a long commute or must travel often, the daily drive can be a very stressful experience. When you carpool, the daily drive becomes more of an every-so-often drive, which can make life a little easier. You can sit back, enjoy a morning cup of coffee, and read or sleep while someone else drives. This can make each day start off a little bit better, which will reduce your stress.
  2. Drive in the carpool lane. As more states realize the benefits of carpooling, they are more likely to add a carpool lane on heavily traveled roads like interstates and highways. The carpool lane is only available to people who have a certain number of passengers in the car. The carpool lane is a major benefit because there are usually fewer drivers, fewer road blocks, and sometimes even higher speed limits. These benefits mean that you get to work faster and with fewer hassles, which is another great stress reducer!
  3. Make the world a little greener. The toll of emissions on the environment is an increasing concern. Even with measures such as emissions testing, cars put out staggering amounts of toxic waste every day. By carpooling, you reduce the amount of emissions your car releases into the environment, which has a lasting effect on your health. Making the world a cleaner place to live is another one of the multiple benefits of carpooling to work.
  4. Use less gas. One of the factors that contribute to rising gas prices is the demand for gas. If fewer people buy gas, gas prices will drop. The more people you carpool with, the less gas you use total. Not only do you save money, you help fuel manufacturers’ lower prices to make driving more affordable for everyone.
  5. And of course, save money! When you and several others use one car, you are spending the same amount of gas to transport four people as you would normally use for one. This means that if each person drives one fourth of the time, you will save 75% on your gas bill!

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Saving money by carpooling is one of the best reasons to find a friend to ride to work with. Remember though, there are other ways to save money at the pump. Changing your driving habits to be more efficient, driving more slowly, keeping your tires properly aired, installing a gas saving device, and getting your engine tuned up are all ways to cut your fuel bill. If you would like to find a ride share near you then check out for all your car pooling needs in South Africa.

Saving money and protecting the environment by reducing your gas consumption is not just a good idea, it’s the right thing to do.

If you are like so many others and tired of these high gas prices. Then it is time to start Saving Money On Gas today. If you have been thinking about purchasing a Hybrid car to save money on fuel. You may want to pick up our Hybrid Cars Guide before choosing a hybrid car you are not going to love to its fullest.

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